Monday, November 20, 2006

Delta is no more ready than anyone else

Delta is not alone:
The incident wherein a breastfeeding mother would be put off a flight is symptomatic of our society's lack of respect for women and, even more so, lack of respect for their roles as mothers.
Our future as a nation, and as individuals, is highly dependent on how we raise our next generation; until our society fully supports the role of good mothering as a priority -- by providing paid maternity leave, third party payment for lactation support, proper health worker and other service personnel training, and respect for the maternal role as well as other roles for women --our children will not be enabled to be all that they could be.
We really must start today, and everyday, to overcome misplaced social stigma, and to achieve a global milieu that fully supports women as women, mothers, and colleagues, along with their many additional roles.

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Anonymous said...

did you hear about the Ronald McDonald House's miserable treatment of a nursing mother of a sick child receiving cancer treatment?

google it. It's despicable