Friday, December 01, 2006

Perinatal circumstances and suicide: breastfeeding not considered

A recently published study (Riordan D et al. Perinatal circumstances and risk of offspring suicide: Birth cohort study The British Journal of Psychiatry (2006) 189: 502-507) found that a higher suicide risk as young adults was associated with having been born 1) to a mother of higher parity and younger age (<25 years), 2) with parents of non-professional occupations and 3) with low birth weight (<2500 g).

Given the literature that has shown the association of lack of breastfeeding with increased anxiety in childhood, and given that lack of breastfeeding is more prevalent in the same populations that were shown in this study to be associated with increased risk of suicide, it is a pity that this study did not history of breastfeeding as a possible variable, not in the discussion. It is very possible that breastfeeding is an important confounder in these findings, and certainly should have been discussed.

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Rae Davies said...

Miriam -

The connection between suicide, breastfeeding and drug use in labor must be in choosing to disconnect from the body and mind during childbirth and breastfeeding makes it easier to disconnect from life!