Saturday, June 23, 2007

Two more commercial infant formula recalls in the last year...

This makes about 7 major recalls in the year and a bit, and at least one emergency level lethal outbreak (Botswana) directly from formula...

Thank you, Associated Press, for covering these problems.
When will the policy makers realize that breastfeeding is the only physiologically normal way to feed human infants? when they do, we will see paid maternity leave, insurance reimbursement for lactation services, and legal protection against aggressive and misleading marketing on the part of these large firms.

1) Huge Recall Of Similac Baby Formula
Abbott Recalling About 300,000 Bottles That May Lose Vitamin C Over Time (CBS) WASHINGTON, Sept. 15, 2006
(AP) The Abbott health care company is recalling hundreds of thousands of bottles of infant formula distributed nationwide because they might not have enough vitamin C.

2) June 20, 2007: 07:41 AM EST
MANILA (AP)--The Philippine government has ordered the recall of millions of cans of infant formula made by U.S.-based company Wyeth because they may have been contaminated at a Philippine warehouse during a storm last year, officials said Wednesday.

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