Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Well deserved award given to the Infant Formula Industry

The IFM group has received an award for its successful effort to downgrade the OWH ad campaign!!
Scroll down to the bronze award at this Web site:
My response:
With thanks to Diane Farsetta for presenting the infant formula industry with the Bronze Falsies Award, this is only the tip of the iceberg. This industry not only actively fights excellent health messages with the clout of its lobbyists and big profits, it also has an ongoing apparent policy of false advertising (e.g., many formula companies have been reported to the FTC for false advertising; their response has apparently been to continue the ads to their planned obsolescence and then to offer a quiet apology to the FTC), has threatened sovereign governments that have attempted to mute the false claims (e.g., India; Peru; and in Philippines the US Chamber of Commerce sent a letter to the President of that country threatening the withdrawal of all US business unless the government allowed the ongoing misleading formula advertising claims), and continues practices in the US known to undermine breastfeeding (e.g., "rebates" to WIC so that WIC moms - who do not receive suffienct supplies but rather a supplemental supply - will feel loyal to their brand, along with other practices reported in a GAO report; handing out “free” bags to new moms as they leave the hospital – a practice studied and shown to undermine breastfeeding, etc, etc.) There many other practices I have experienced or observed here and abroad over the years. Clearly when it comes to infant feeding messages, profit wins over our children’s health, and the asymmetry of messages in the media continues.

If you would like any additional information ,please let me know, or contact my colleagues at NABA-REAL.

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