Monday, May 19, 2008

Formula sweetened with sucrose called "organic"?

Somehow, parents are not understanding as yet that the only organic food for infants is their mother's milk, directly from the breast. This is known as breastfeeding. The cost is mother's time, a bit of her excess fat, and sometimes a bit of expert advice. It is naturally sweeter than formula because of the natural lactose.
Yes, we need a healthy alternative for those who physiologically are unable to breastfeed, less than 1%. We do not need a better formula; current cow's milk formula are okay in these rare situations.
But what we really need is paid maternity leave with guaranteed job return, as is available in every other "civilized" nation in the world, insurance coverage for lactation support, increased number of milk banks and donors for those children unable to breastfeed, and a society that respects for the role of mothering as valid and prized.
The one comment on human milk in this article fails to note that it is safely and healthfully, and organically, sweetened.

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Nicole said...

Hi Miriam,

It is so true that what we really need is paid maternity leave! I'm due to return to work in 3 weeks' time, when Timothy will be 15 weeks old. It is absolutely breaking my heart to have to leave him at such a young age, and I can't believe that so many women have to leave their babies when they're even younger than that! When will our society learn that this is not the way to do things?!

I will most definitely be pumping while at work and continue breastfeeding when I am with him - I wouldn't have it any other way! I truly believe that it is the greatest gift I can give him.