Thursday, May 01, 2008

Where are the SIDS resources to support breastfeeding?

Still MORE research showing how important breastfeeding is if we wish to tackle SIDS deaths.

Why are SIDS monies only used to buy and promote cribs?
Where are the resources to promote breastfeeding?

It seems sometimes that our society's 'quick-fix' mentality twists too many of our health funding decisions.

Supporting breastfeeding takes more thought than handing out cribs.
Supporting breastfeeding takes more caring than popping a pill.
Supporting breastfeeding takes women - real women with real complex lives - into account while buying a bednet is easy.

Which of these saves the most lives? Hands down, exclusive breastfeeding could be the number one child life saver worldwide, and could bring US infant mortality rates closer in line with our European neighbors'.

We need the political will, as we will never have the commercial sector will, to do what is necessary to support breastfeeding: 1) coverage of lactation support services by all third party payers, 2) paid maternity leave, 3) monitoring, control and sanctions for misleading or asymmetrical advertising by infant formula and foods manufacturers, 4)healthworker training on support skills, and 5) social acceptance of breastfeeding women wherever women are allowed to be.

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Linda J. Smith said...

First Candle and other SIDS groups fund cribs because THEY are heavily funded by crib companies and formula companies.