Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mead-Johnson does it again - GREAT supporters of public health, no?

FDA notes that Mead-Johnson and Nestle have trace melamine in thier infant formulas. Over the past years, dozens of severe cases of commercial infant formula contamination have been reported in the press, and who knows how many additional cases have occurred? This year in the US, we have had deaths and disease from E sakazakii found in powdered formula, and other illnesses from poor preparation.

"The New York-based company also lobbied Congress on a bill that would ban the use of a plastic-hardening chemical called bisphenol-A in children's food packaging. The chemical has been used to seal food containers, including baby formula.
Bristol-Myers, the maker of Enfamil infant formula, lobbied to inform Congress that the materials used to line infant formula cans are safe. A 2007 report by government toxicologists said the chemical contributed to irregular development and noncancerous growths in animal studies."
Excuse my sarcasm, but....Isn't it good to know that we are partnering with such a fine supporter of the health of the public? Canada, among others, has taken steps to ban this dangerous chemical from food packaging is currently found in many see through plastics, and leaches out particulary with temperature changes...

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