Sunday, January 11, 2009

FDA testing - to date - of melamine or cyanuric acid in US manufactured infant foods...

Four out of the 89 US Manufactured Commercial Infant Formulas tested by the FDA were positive for Melamine or Cyanuric Acid with variable amounts. But what amount is "safe"?

3/20 Mead Johnson formulations
1/5 Nestle formulations
0/37 Abbott Labs formulations
0/ 37 PBM formulations (Parents choice and unlabelled)

Three Mead Johnson products: 2 Enfamil Lipil w Iron and 1 Enfamil w Iron, 12.9 oz can milk-based infant formula powder(ENFLIP QGN89 0744 18508 A AND ENFLIP QGN91 0440 18608B AND QGN92/ USE BY 1 NOV 2009) Mead Johnson Nutritionals were Negative for Melamine and Positive for Cyanuric Acid.
One Nestle product: Nestle Good Start Supreme with Iron 250 ml can milk-based liquid infant formula (8267572123 / USE BY 23 DEC 2009) was Positive for Melamine and Negative for Cyanuric Acid.

None of the less expensive , so-called generic, brands were found to contain even trace amounts of either contaminant.

The levels found were considered safe because FDA set the standard based on the assumption that these levels are safe...hmmm.

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