Wednesday, January 14, 2009

GREAT New Yorker Article!!!!!!!!!!

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Emily Taylor said...

In response to the Lepore article:

I often find myself sitting in public and/or private places nursing James and feeling TRULY happy to not have missed out on this opportunity to be with him in this way. I see the expressions on people's faces, and it's as though some part of them remembers what this was like and they often become very quiet and respectful towards us. Throughout our days together, I find myself questioning whether or not I am doing a good job as a parent to him. Breastfeeding is the only time when I have absolutely no question in my mind that I am the best mother for him. We become aligned and get the chance (in that sacred space) to leave the outside world and reach into a deeper part of each other and ourselves. I feel like breastfeeding James is like a world with peace. It is so important to understand this place. I hope that many other families have lots of chances to be with their children and themselves in this way. I can't express how grateful I am to be able to give something to my baby that comes directly from me. There is no temptation to externalize our relationship at all here. No millionaire, company or machine could ever give us the kind of nurturing and healthy benefits that actual nursing does.