Friday, January 02, 2009

M-J's golden bow - reinforces the need for us to clarify OUR Golden Bow and to rebirth efforts to promote, support AND PROTECT breastfeeding in 2009!

What can be done when our industry "friends" use similar symbols?!?


We must continue to use our own bow, with is symmetrical and present it with the meanings that we apply to it:

1. It is symmetrical both ways, indicating the importance of both the mother and child.

2. The knot is large, as it indicates the support of father, family and society without whose support breastfeeding cannot succeed.

3. One streamer is for continued breastfeeding with age-appropriate complementary feeding

4. The other streamer is for 3-5 yrs. birth spacing to allow this baby to be the baby as long is needed and to allow for maternal health and nutrition recovery.
Breastfeeding needs better protection from wealth and power lobbies. the Code is not legislated in most countries, and even where legislated, rarely fully enforced.
We need a rebirth of effort on all fronts in 2009.


Anonymous said...

when was this first used? It sounds like some folks say it's been years...

Carolina Breastfeeding Institute said...

A small golden bow has been around, but it now is being used to highlight a golden label and being more pointedly included on more products that are "close to breastfeeding".
Why now? because nothing has been done.
Where is this of concern? It should be of concern everywhere that our work is so consistently used to represent an opposing marketing viewpoint.
Are there more important things? Please read down on the blog for other things...