Friday, May 22, 2009

More on PBM...

Joe Shields, who is director of public relations for PBM, got back to me, providing the following additional information:

"Thank you for reaching out to PBM regarding the responsible marketing of infant formula.... I just posted a formal response to a May 15 blog posting on the site [Note from blogger: unfortunately, it is too long for blogspot, so I am including some of it here.] for the organization’s consideration ....We believe that mother’s milk is the best source of nutrition for babies. Moms should try breastfeeding because it is considered best for babies by our company and leading experts. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics recognizes it as the gold standard in infant nutrition....If parents choose to supplement mother’s milk with baby formula, we believe they should not have to overpay for formula. That’s why we make store-brand formulas for retailers many leading store-brand formulas cost up to 50% less than national brands. In fact, parents can save up to $600 a year by choosing a retailer’s store brand infant formula...The reason why our store-brand infant formulas are less expensive is because we do not give out free formula to hospitals. [Bolds added] We believe only mothers and health-care professionals should make infant-feeding decisions, which is why we do not want to influence that decision-making process at the time of birth."

I am going to be in contact - maybe we can get Marsha involved - and will keep you posted!

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