Friday, July 31, 2009

WABA World Breastfeeding Week and the US Breastfeeding Committee

Sitting here at the US Breastfeeding Committee, I am happy to share that, in honor of WABA's World Breastfeeding Week theme on breastfeeding and emergencies, FEMA announced that it will be modifying its approach to this issue. This reinforced for me the power of WABA's work, when translated at the national level into advocacy.

Congratulations to USBC, FEMA and WABA on this important first step.

Other exciting announcements were made by CDC representatives who are constantly pushing the envelop and call for much more and better data collection that will drive breastfeeding program improvements, and the many other civil servants in government agencies (AHRQ, HRSA MCH/B, FDA, OWH and USDA) who continue to fight for the best start on life for our children, and for those changes in programs and policies that are necessary to enable each woman to succeed in her intention to breastfeed as the only logical choice for her health and her child's health, development and welfare.


Toddler Development said...

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