Friday, March 05, 2010

Robert Wood Johnson acknowledges life before age 2 y!

Study Finds Early Childhood Links to Disparities in Obesity Rates
New research reveals surprising facts about simple behaviors that may alter a child's health legacy for life. In addition, Elsie Taveras, M.D., M.P. H., lead author of the study, found that national efforts to address the problem may be missing the most important period - before age 2...

Thank you, RWJF, for your recognition of the importance of the first two years of life as a vital time for intervention to ensure later health and nutritional status. With thanks to Elsie Taveras for this particular approach, the issue, i.e., that the first two years is a vital component of later health and nutrition status, has been demonstrated for years now using a variety of study designs, and has been widely published. Research and meta-analyses on early infant feeding show that formula feeding and/or lack of exclusive breastfeeding are associated with later overweight. Whether it has to do with recognition of satiety, or hormonal influences or ability of the body to handle foods, or all compounded by cultural and societal pressures, the outcome is constant. AND we know what to do to enable change among those who care for this age group. The literature includes many successful interventions.

Ann Conlon-Smith notes that breastfeeding is indeed the great equalizer - no matter what your background, you have the opportunity to give your children the best start on life. Thanks, Ann, this is so true. Hmmm, but here,unfortunately, it is true UNLESS your economic situation or your family or your hospital or your workplace undermines or disempowers you. So lets rally and ensure that each mother has social and economic support to succeed with what is best for her and for her child.


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