Friday, July 16, 2010

OMG! Once again, the media jumps on a poorly controlled study ...

Dear Friends and Colleagues:
Have you seen the huge coverage of the Katz study that concludes that all babies should have at least one bottle of cow's milk formula a day for the first 15 days of life to avoid the approximately 1/200 risk of the IgE mediated allergy to cow's milk later in life?
Please note: this study is not controlled for parental decisions, breastfeeding pattern, maternal cow's milk intake, etc. In fact, it is very logical that parents with cow's milk sensitivity will avoid giving their child cow's milk early in life, and such sensitivities are genetically mediated. Next, small amounts of cow's milk in a sensitive child might cause a reaction, causing parents to avoid cow's milk thereafter. Finally, the child who can tolerate 15 days of cow's milk is most likely that child who is not going to have a sensitivity.

In sum, the finding really is: If a child can tolerate a daily dose of cow's milk for the first 15 days of life, they are unlikely to be sensitive to cow's milk.

The title of the piece is misleading and media loves a controversy. Let alone any possible support of its promulgation by the formula industry.


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Alicia said...

Yes, I blogged about several flaws I found in this study also: