Thursday, May 05, 2011

Media coverage of our successes - Synergy helps!!

Media is the Message!! That's what we used to say during those 'glory' days of my youth, with anti-establishment, bra-burning and Woodstock....
Media is still the message - the media are even more powerful today, with videos, blogs, print media, etc. etc. all celebrating and supporting each other. To normalize breastfeeding, it must be seen as normative in the media, and readership - the community - needs to be inspired to act. Media can create community demand for change.

However, we also need to be aware that more and more media outlets are owned by fewer and fewer entities, and that some corporate entities may not be as breastfeeding supportive as we might like. Hence, getting good coverage for breastfeeding can be a challenge but is also increasingly important for creation of community demand for breastfeeding supportive health services.

Therefore, today more than ever, it is so important that we ensure all kinds of media coverage as we get the news out about our individual progress towards  breastfeeding support goals.
I would suggest that we must also consistently present our successes as part of the greater community of increasing breastfeeding support. Yes, it is vital for our facilities to individually announce their successes, but it may be just as important to place it in context, so that the readers see - It is great that our local facility is doing well in working towards a healthy norm,

Let's celebrate our successes, and get all the media coverage we can. AND let's make sure that the message we get out there is that this is part of the new world of acceptance of a breastfeeding norm, rather than an outlier... Are we now Baby-friendly? but of course!! The Ten Steps are normal quality of care, and WE HAVE NOW SUCCEEDED IN GETTING ON THAT TRAIN!!
After all, what we hope to see someday is that there is no reason to certify that the Ten Steps are in place, but that rather it will be normal care everywhere