Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Helps to look around the world to find ourselves!!

Dear Fellow Frustrated Friends and Colleagues:

Marketing of formula brands is increasing, no question. Somehow, we need to raise consciousness again, or we will have a major downturn in breastfeeding rates...again.

I was delighted to read this blog:
that provides a UK view on the marketing practices we see here, and here and here...no matter where here is to you!!

Please read and relate to your own country's marketing issues...there may be some that you have missed.

Here at CGBI we have research showing how much the ads and labels can undermine women's confidence - we are hoping to share these data as soon as they are accepted for publication.
It seems if it is not one thing, it is another:

And, at least one formula manufacturer now sells water...please tell me that that isn't a scam and a half in countries with a good water supply... and they are getting their brand into everyone's hands. If Mom is drinking that brand, she obviously assumes that it is good for all...

Until I feel the need to rant again, signing off, DocLabbok