Friday, March 15, 2013

Poor Mayor Bloomberg!!

Poor Mayor Bloomberg (Is this an oxymoron?). Oxymoron or no, the Mayor of NYC deserves our empathy and support as he has taken several solid public health stands. And what does he get for it? Blastings from conservative and liberal press alike. Government overstepping its bounds, individual rights, etc etc etc.  Please note that the healthiest countries in the world have government supported health care....

Reformers must stick their necks out, and sticking one's neck out is often associated with getting it chopped off if your not very subtle.  I applaud the Mayor for trying to do what is in his power to reduce barriers for breastfeeding moms, and to reduce unwitting overindulgence in sugars.  I wish folks would worry about our high infant mortality rate and obesity epidemic rather than attack someone for taking small steps to a better future.

Until the next irritant or provocation, signing off, DocLabbok