Sunday, August 31, 2014

As National Breastfeeding Month draws to a close..... and World Breastfeeding Week and Black Mothers Breastfeeding Week are behind us... let's consider what we have gained and lost this year. 

Well, I am SOOOOO happy to say that I see only gains...perhaps with a few burps as to be expected.

This year, the W.K.Kellogg Foundation and the CDC have helped fund the way to a breastfeeding norm for all Americans. THANK YOU!!

This year, the IHS and other federal agencies, including military branches, have increased their support to help hospitals become more breastfeeding-friendly. WOO-HOO!!

This year, North Carolina launched what I believe to be the first state level Breastfeeding-Friendly Child Care Designation. Go Cackalackies!

This year, state and national collaborative are reducing unnecessary induction of labor, which has resulted in so many children born before they were ready. THANK YOU, OBs, who have recognized that these were unnecessary potentially dangerous procedures.

This year, there were fewer teen pregnancies, fewer pregnancies among those not yet equipped to be the mothers they could be. YAY!!

This year, WABA is undertaking - with new vigor - its efforts to create change in the world of breastfeeding. 'In Challah'

This year, WHO and UNICEF have pledged to renew their interest in breastfeeding protection, promotion and support, AND they have acted on it with a new release from UNICEF, and with WHO hiring no other than our Dr Larry Grummer-Strawn to advance the Code.  WOW.

So, dear friends, it has been a very good year.

Best wishes,