Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Dear Friends:

CGBI is so pleased to be part of the new Abt Associates CDC contract to support the achievement of the BFUSA designation by another 100 hospitals. We hope to increase the emphasis on equity with the inclusion of Dr. Diane Rowley as an ongoing advisor (not in this picture, sorry). Our CDC leadership has been very supportive and we are all ready to roll.

From left to right: Dorothea Calhoun-Smith, Kathy Parry, Amanda Corbett, Beth Mainwaring, Miriam Labbok, Greg Randolph, Trish MacEnroe (on camera), Jennifer Matranga (tiny camera below Trish), Pat Shifflet, Catherine Sullivan, Donna Elliston, Cynthia Klein, Kori Flowers; Representing Abt Associates, CGBI, and CPHQ

We have tentatively named ourselves IMPact4Breastfeeding: Improving Maternity Practices through Action, Collaboration and Training by the 4D Pathway for Breastfeeding Success...but this is just very tentative (I like it!)
We may not be Next Top Models, but we are a bunch of hard working dedicated folks and we made a lot of progress and had a lot laughs.
With many thanks to CDC for its support, HERE WE GO!!